Premiere: A2 – Unknown Artist – Untitled [CHIVALRY001]

I definitely like the fleur of those “unknown” releases in general. Those mysteries behind them, those findings, when, after some months or years you finally guess the name of the artist behind it. The only bad thing (for me) – there’s not really much to write about them. Because the place is blank (you really don’t know) – or, like in this case, you know, but you can’t tell. Well, you still have to write SOMETHING…

What do we have here – the name is Chivalry and the label, as I’ve been told, will be using this as an excuse to hide the names of the participants, creating some type of armour or so. The author of this release has been on Trommel before – that could be a tiny clue. And also all the tracks here were written by one author (I was told that the next one will be a compilation, good planning). That’s basically all with the intro.

We’re having the whole record on our Youtube channel, but a little bit more light will be shed on the track at the A2 position. A slow roller with a very long development, much closer to its end. Another so called clue – that’s almost a usual thing from this producer lately.

The A1 opener is a bit dreamier with all these pads, but a wobble after them will bring you back from flying in the clouds. The B-side is much more expressive. On the B1 position we still have a bit mellow atmosphere, compensated by the high tempo. But the B2 is killing it during all 7 minutes of its existence. If you’re seeking a banger – take this one.

So, if you’re willing to extend your collection of “unknowns” – plan a trip to Juno, Deejay, Redeye or wherever you’re buying your wax.

More info on Chivalry
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