Premiere: A1 – Unknown Artist – Untitled [CHIVALRY004]

Yesterday we had an album by Eric OS – there was a lot to say about it. Today we’re having the fourth edition of Chivalry releases (we skipped the third one, sorry), and you know what – there’s ALMOST nothing I can say about it. We still can’t mention any names (and there are a lot of nice ones, you can try to guess if you want). Perhaps, some of you already know the name of the label’s owner, but that could help you just slightly here.

What we can be sure of here is that there will be another pack (in this case – a pair) of gorgeous, moderately dark, kinda medieval tracks. Just as on that one on the A-side. The vibe of the golden days of dubstep at the opening – long, dubby, grimy, beatless… To some point, because when the beat starts, uff! Like in those “techno & electro” sets, when you hear the straight beat after that electro ones. The same here – works absolutely stunning. If you’re seeking an opener for some around 130BPM set around the Halloween date – check on this one.

At the B-side, there is another, longer story, that also starts with a nod to the glory days of deep and dark dubstep wars. This time, probably, even with a more epic vibe. That should turn every dancefloor into a mayhem after the first combination of the kick and the hat. Some breakbeats will appear later in the background to complete the look. And after those the evil bubbling will appear to destroy everything completely. A massive, massive track.

The pair of these beauties are already up for grabs at Deejay, Decks, Clone or wherever you’re buying your wax. You could miss those in a blink of an eye.

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