Premiere: B1 – Unknown Artist – Untitled [CHIVALRY005]

One of the most mysterious labels featured in our premieres section is back with its fifth release. Again, we can’t reveal much about this upcoming Chivalry; everything is concealed under the words Unknown/Untitled. The only thing we CAN share is that the hidden artist has been featured in our premieres section before, though I understand that may not say much to you. Sorry.

Following the two 10” releases, we now have a larger collection of plastic with four great tracks! And we’ve picked B1 – a trippy piece with a minimalistic approach that aspires to be grand. What I mean is that the track doesn’t start with a multitude of elements, at least not initially. However, all these elements work in a nice, disorganized Perlon-like style, making you lose track of time as you dance to this track.

The one on the B2 position follows a similar pattern – an easy and chaotic intro for almost three minutes, almost with a dubstep vibe, leading to a fantastic transformation into an afterhours banger after the phrase “Is anybody ready?”.

The A-side kicks off with a very hard kick, setting the tone for the whole record, featuring a partly acid, partly bleepy tune in the A1 position. This is followed by a very pacey and buzzing tune in the A2 spot.

I would say that this is one of the best releases on Chivalry, considering the overall feel. The pre-sale opens in February, and you’ll soon be able to grab the record on KMA60, Juno or Deejay.

More information about Chivalry

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