Premiere: A2 – Unknown Artist – Untitled [CHIVALRY002]

If you’re thinking you’ve seen a similar headline on Trommel before, you’re right. We’re taking another A2 from Chivalry – the label, that keeps the name safe as some medieval grails. No one guessed the first name right, I saw the names of Man/ipulate and Jamie Jones (really?) as the potential candidates for that untitled one – come on, guys, you can do better. And, since I’m starting to think, that you’re going to hate me because of that – let’s go to the track.

What can I say – A2 is totally the same style as everything that was released and is planned to be released on Chivalry. Techy, synthy, kinda gloomy, kinda serious. With some nice acid arpeggios. Maybe, a bit pacier, but can’t really say, that the other ones were too slow compared to this.

A1 sets the tone for the whole record here. Definitely slower than A2, but, if you’re going to turn the speed up a bit, playing this beauty – you’ll see, how it’s gonna bloom. B1 is probably closer to our previous premiere from this label. Definitely the housiest one here. Almost went into the minimal category. The last one is another slow roller. Also sitting on the house territory, this one is just a pinch more energetic, than its neighbor on the B-side.

The first one was a total sold-out, even with the repress option. So, you better run to Deejay or wherever you’re buying your wax, for the pre-order. And you know what – we’re having the release in full on our Youtube channel. How about that?

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