Premiere: A2 – Data Memory Access – I Can’t Be Alone [MW003]

Back in June of last year we introduced you to the sounds of Data Memory Access with the hope that more music would follow. Well, that time is finally here and the co-production of Giammarco Orsini, and fellow Italian Jacopo Latini has again bared fruit on Berlin based label Mood Wax.

For this particular outing on Mood Wave it is a four track VA that gives the duo known as DMA the platform they need to launch their spacey vibes. Joining the party is Ph Project, Pilot System and Frozilla and Tj.

It is however Data Memory Access’s A2 track ‘I Can’t Be Alone’ that is at the centre of our article. From the beginning the cosmic leanings are there, wapping synths and the subtlest of light pads keep the background atmospheres in check while preparing for the huge bassline to arrive. When it does the step up in energy is quite noticeable but that is what Orsini does best. Taking a standard groove and evolving it into something memorable is one of his and Jacopo Latini’s many skills. The electro touches to the additional synth work and vocals is exceptional and this is sure to be a see this dropped on the biggest dancefloors.

Ph Project are also in top form on A1 with ‘Blue Yellow Twist’ with a pumping classic house bassline and again more cosmic touches in the accompanying high synth sounds. Pilot System on B1 with ‘Body Dub’ offer a great mix of deeper house sounds and nicely contrasting acid lines. Rounding out MW003 rounds out nicely is Frozilla and Tj with ‘Ocean of Existence’ and again the perfect combination of deep, almost acid house coupled with more upfront sounds found on the other associated Moods / Waves sub labels.

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