Premiere: A1 – Toke – Pero [PPR003]

One of the most productive Georgian producers and easily my favorite Georgian one Toke is ready for his showtime at Pluto’s Plan. His track from their second compilation appeared in our latest top-100 poll (and, god, how many times it was played during 2021). His appearance on the inaugural one was also very solid. Now it’s time to have all the attention.

Our today’s premiere is the opener of the EP, called “Pero”. And I can already say that this is the main reason, why this record will be leaving my record bag this year VERY rarely. Very serious, I can even say, unfunny track, with a kinda gloomy vibe… But, damnit, how powerful is that bubbling acid line, that’s going through the whole 6 minutes. I can easily imagine djs that will try to lipsync it (I already have).

It’s A-side neighbor, called “Merqani”, if I heard it not knowing the name, I would easily take it as some UK bass track from the late 00s/early 10s. And since I can’t think of anything better than that, it will be the only thing I tell you about it. Now – the B-side. The opener “Naa” takes us on a trippy cruise of almost 6 minutes. Try to play it in your car at some autobahn and you won’t be disappointed. The last one here, called “Right Hand Player” is balancing between straight and broken beats all the time. Also, it reminds me of Toke’s appearance on SATZ label, we premiered not so long ago.

That’s it. If you like the tools and if you don’t like to change the records in your record bag very often – check this one out at Juno, Deejay or wherever you’re buying your wax. Every single one of these should be played a lot this year. Maybe you wanna bet on that?

By the way, we’ve got the full EP on our Youtube channel, you can check if all I said about it was true right now by yourself.

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