Trommel 2021 picks: this year’s top 100 tracks

    Photo: Courtesy of Trommel

    Since our previous yearly selection of the best tracks a lot of good and bad stuff happened. One definitely good thing was the return of parties. While we still didn’t respawn in full, we can definitely say, that 2021 was much better than 2020 in this category. Mentioning the bad things – definitely pressing delays. For the first time ever, we had to break our main rule of considering only the tracks, that were released between 1.01 and 31.12. This year we have three (ok, let’s say 2,5) exceptions.

    The first one is, probably, the biggest hit of the summer, that you could see on the numerous videocuts on our (and other) channels and – if you were lucky enough – hear and scream on it live. Without delays it should have been easily released long ago. The second one – is a part of a 3×12” album, that is being released separately. The first part already hit the stores, the part with the track we loved the most, still hasn’t. Again – you know why. And the last one (that half of the exception) – is the track from the record, that is ready, but somehow still hasn’t managed to hit the shelves of the stores. But, since we have the physical copy of it (and it’s not a test-press), we decided to include it here too.

    So, there were the 233 candidates from our premieres section and all around the world at the beginning of our selection – and, after VERY hard three weeks, we’re proud to present you our final 100 of the best tracks from the house scene and its all-around not-so-house neighborinos. See you in 2022! Stay healthy!

    Please note that this section is a collection of 100 tracks that the team at Trommel enjoyed most in the passing year. It should not be intended as a ranking or chart/classification in any form, and the list of tracks is made following track name A-Z order. It is also reflecting the subjective taste of the team components from their personal but of course limited knowledge of what has been released during 2021. 

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