Premiere: A1 – iO (Mulen) – Join Me [MULENLP2.2]

iO (Mulen) is ready with another album. This one is not a surprise one, like his previous one was, that popped up after our huge article about his labels. This one has its own release date, proper landing on Mulen Records and, actually, proper promo period – I heard about its coming here and there for quite a long period of time before its official announcement. Sometimes I couldn’t believe that the track I was hearing was from iO – they were too banging even for his new post-minimal standards. Turned out – I didn’t even hear the ACTUAL bangers on the LP then.

Like his previous LP on Mulen Records, this one will also be divided into 3 parts, each of them will be sold separately. This was probably done with the customer in mind – if you don’t like parts 1 and 2, you can just buy part 3. But, after listening to this one in full I can easily say – it’s hard to believe, that somebody won’t like some of it. It was quite a challenge to pick a track for the premiere – too many great ones. But we still did – and did even more than usual. We’ll have the main track here and two more on our youtube-channel – every record from this trilogy will be represented. So, let’s go.

The main one today – the opener of the second part, called “Join Me”. As the proper A1 – catchy from the very first second. Even though every track on this album could be considered a hell of a banger for the peakiest of all peaktimes, this one is brilliantly doing its job. A Mortal Kombat-level kick comes along with a nice percussion, oldschool melody (the album called “Oldivibes” – you’ll be seeing the word “oldschool” more soon), vocal samples through the whole journey of the track – a stomper 101 we got here. Sasha told me that this is his “favorite track on the album. The most interesting atmosphere. Not many different sounds, but a great chemistry between them.”

Our second premiere for today from our YT-channel is the B-side opener from the first part, called “Late Night Together”. It can easily compete with “Join Me” in the number of people that will hear it this summer. “Classic arrangements, organs with bells (at first) and no bells (later). Transfers me to the 1990 or so, these classic chords and moves. All that oldschool stuff.”…

…and the third one here is MY favorite – the A2 from the third part, “Looking For Million”, sounds like a very underdog one, but wait for 2:25. It seems, that iO (Mulen) made it more of his signature party-changing track.

Now – everything else, what is waiting for you on those three 12” beauties. The opener of the first part, “Exiting Distance” sets the tone for the whole release, being signature for the iO and oldschool in some way (all of that is hiding in the samples in the track). “He’s In Love With Me” gives us a little rest here, with its mood, still its percussion doesn’t. “Sirenes” has the best build-up on the first part and the melody, that will make you do that “pa-pa-ppa” until the end of the track. And that can’t be a bad thing. The second part is hiding a dark wobbler under the name of “What I Want”, touch or the ravey bigroom feel at the “Hey Hey!”, that was spotted during the Francesco Del Garda warm-up in Lviv recently, and the most romantic track on the album – “Outgoing Song”. The final part starts with the track, that could be easily imagined at Hoarder – the most “modern” one here, called “Like A Splinter In Your Mind”. One more destroyer of the dancefloors is waiting for us under the name of “It’s A Dream” and something really unusual for this album – take on the broken beats and a little bit of acid, called “Poisonous Drops” (was heard at Closer recently, had a nice reaction from the crowd, as I remember) “The whole album was made in a lo-fi sound, I wanted to do them dirty. And, as I can feel – I did well.” Yes, Sasha, you did.

The album is buzzing, so don’t be late and hurry to grab your copy at Juno, Deejay or Decks as soon as possible.


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