Premiere: B1 – VOY – 13 B [VOY013]

In iO (Mulen)’s discography there’s a lot of party-changing and crowd-transforming tracks. If you ever played “Point Of Warm” from his release on Rawax or “Future” from Whiteloops series to the public, you should understand, what I’m talking about. Nothing extra in their warm and flat build-up, but the mood of the whole party is changed into the peaktime mode after 5 minutes of them. And everyone around you is smiling with their eyes closed… It seems, that VOY Records will provide us one more track like that. Today.

The 11th installment of VOY Records opened our list of the top tracks of 2020, and it seems, that Sasha wants to do it again with the 13th. 8 Minutes of straight minimalistic mayhem. Catchy melody of the bassline, a few more extra catchy melodies on top of that. All of this has a warm vibe, interesting, and making my legs stomp the rhythm even while I’m writing this text.

That’s the B-side of VOY013 and also my favorite track on VOY Records so far (you won’t change my mind, don’t even try). Many people are complaining, that when they’re listening to some minimal sets – the most remembered tracks are always from some other genres. Well, this one could easily argue with that.

What is hidden under the A-side of this wax? A quite similar addition, actually. One more, slightly shorter track, that is not THAT warm, but its bassline has its own charms. Quite fast pace of “13 A” takes two timeouts just to come back better and stronger. And, also, in comparison to the B-side, we’ve got here some tribal elements. Just a pinch of them, but they’re adding some mood too.

The countdown to the release date has started already, so don’t forget to find it at Juno, Deejay, Decks, or wherever you’re buying your wax. Release should be out in Spring.

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