Premiere: 1 – Charonne – Epicerie.010 [EPICERIE010]

Artwork by Celia Paysan

It’s been a while since we heard the news about L’Epicerie for the last time. Bandcamp-only sidekick of Paris-based mogul Rakya, as their main product line, rarely delivers us something that disappoints. This time they’re giving not only a great track (as usual), but also are sharing some hidden info about it.

As you might see from our headline – for the first time in their series (possibly last time also) it comes without “Unknown Artist” in the name. Not-so-secret Rakya’s favorite boys Charonne are here with usual for them peak time house banger that could fit your afterparty perfectly also. Usual – not because they’re repeating themselves in some way, but because that’s the vibe Charonne are usually associating with. 2021-fat basslines and a catchy melody are the main weapons in this anniversary release of L’Epicerie (first of many in this year, we hope).

What about that hidden info? Oh, yes, not only Charonne is coming out of the shadows, but ALL their previous artists also. We decided to ask Rakya about it – they decided to unveil the names since this is their 10th release (FYI, they are not planning to do it again, so this premiere could be your exclusive source for that). We got you, mates, will come back for Epicerie.020, haha.

So, here are all participants of L’Epicerie so far (by the way, how many could you recognize without our revealing?):

Epicerie.001: Unai Trotti
Epicerie.002: Seuil
Epicerie.003: Yakine
Epicerie.004: Cosmo
Epicerie.005: Cobert
Epicerie.006: Eliaz
Epicerie.007: Daif
Epicerie.008: Takashi Himeoka
Epicerie.009: Le Loup
Epicerie.010: Charonne

The track will be available on Rakya Bandcamp from 7.01. Don’t forget to grab it.

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