Premiere: B1 – DJ Tjizza – Bromantic Raves [CM001]

Mood Waves label started its history with a kick. And that kick was pressed on their first EP by Giammarco Orsini & Jacopo Latini (better known as Data Memory Access) – we had a piece of that here. Shortly after that they delivered a 6-track compilation and we even had our today’s guest DJ Tjizza as a premiere (still, have to say, my favorite track from that compilation was by Rub800, no offense, TJ!). Also, DJ Tjizza was a part of our must-see-artists-of-2021 selection… And today we’re having him again – because Mood Waves are starting a whole new series with him.

The series is called “Conceptual Moods” and its every release is dedicated to some… mood (no way!). This one, as we can see from the logo, will take us on a journey through some romantic vibes. And, have to say, they aren’t lying here, because this might be the most romantic electronic music record that you’ll buy this year. The mood is conveyed perfectly. In any of these 4 tracks.

But we had to pick one – and this one will be the B1. “Bromantic Raves” will perfectly fit your hugs and kisses with a boyfriend/girlfriend on the dancefloor. And, besides that moment, nothing cheesy is hiding here – perfectly kick-driven rhythm and a touch of very uplifting ROMANTIC melody. One of the best candidates to close a bunch of the morning sets during this summer, no less. And that moment on 3:58, when kick is making its comeback to never leave us until the end of the track, mmm!

What else do we have here – if we’re already on the B-side, let’s stick to that. The closer of the record – “Helly” is doing its job just right, not messing with the rhythm at all, but also feeds us with a great melody here, a more minor one, in comparison with B1. A-side is starting with some cosmic vibes of “We Galaxy” and ends with a “Timestretch (Z&B Vortex Dub)” that has kinda similar melody but leaves out all the spacey references.

All in all – works perfectly, as I said. So, you better hurry up, because, it seems, that this crew is going to have another sold-out under their belt. Juno, Deejay, Decks – just pick your dealer and do your pre-orders. There’s not that much time left!

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