Premiere: B1 – DJ Tjizza – Section E [MW002]

Since March, it’s been painful to hear records and imagine where you’d hear them on a night out. Driving techno? Ah I miss FOLD. Head-spinning house? Ah I miss fabric. Naturally, most club music is made for venues to fit a few hundred people in, but with the rise of live streams and parties being limited to living rooms, more intimate and personal music has occupied a special place.

With their debut release, Berlin-based label Mood Waves illustrated this point excellently with Giammarco Orsini and Jacopo Latini’s ‘Experience’. Now onto their second release, it feels like something of a defining feature of the label. With DJ Tjizza, who features on our 12 artists to watch in 2021 list, who has shown his capabilities for making distinctive, quirky tracks and does so again excellently with ‘Section E’.

It feels undeniably peak-time, with a driving bassline that worms it’s way into your head, probing you to question your mate at the afters, ‘What was the track that went like…?’ and the murky vocals, splurts of dramatic pads and hefty drums ensure it leaves an impression on the dancefloor. It’s strikingly easy to picture Section E being spun as the morning light is breaking through the Hoppetosse blinds or as the dancefloor at The Pickle Factory begins to thin out. It’s no coincidence that it’s easier to imagine it being played at more intimate clubs, as Tjizza shows he has a striking nack for producing music that feels more personal than most music.

Six tracks on a slice of wax is rare, six high quality, versatile tracks is even rarer. Also featuring on Mood Waves’ second release is Norweigan producer Rub800’s deep ‘n’ bouncy ‘Continually Amending’, TB Shine’s packs a number of punches with his roller ‘Lotto Laden’ and Nuji rounds off the A side with a modulating little number ‘Love888’. Joining Dutchman DJ Tjizza on the B-side is Rù’s smokey ‘Magically (Bela Dub)’ and Miami Beatz’93 complete the release with their funk number ‘Electric Pilsation’.

Mood Waves 002 is available for pre-order at Deejay and Juno.

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