Premiere: A1 – Visitor – Track 5 [AODRSD2]

Art of Dark lives up to its name the second installment of Visitor’s ‘Confidential’ EP. This follow-up also coincides with the label’s annual Record Store Day release and it is an absolute monster.

The London crew headed up by A&R Colin Chidle has elevated itself to near mythical status. With releases from the likes of Do/Or/Die, Z@p, Evan Baggs, Omar, and Unai Trotti it is little wonder that their records and events are highly prized.

A deep grinding bassline underpins the trademark twilight synths that could quite easily soundtrack a stylish horror movie lead out A1 bomb ‘Track 5’. It’s not long before the first salvo of acid is unveiled and at that point, it is clear that the dancefloor will be decimated. ‘Track 5’ is so insistent that it fills the foreground and background with the pounding low-end action that will be deadly in the right hands. If you thought the first acid line was deadly then wait for the second break and the subsequent pounding drop. Visitor takes absolutely takes no prisoners from start to finish.

B1 ‘Track 6’ is equally devastating with massive room verb snares, a banging bassline and sparsely arranged classic house synths this is another bad boy track. ‘Track 7’ on the flip side…well you get the idea. It’s a monster. There are not many other adjectives left to describe just how huge this EP is. Rounding out AODRSD2 is ‘Track 8’ and perhaps the more subdued track on the record but perhaps the badness is only dialed down to 9 rather than varying degrees of 11.

‘Confidential II’ from Visitor is now available on pre-order from Redeye Music.

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