Premiere: A2 – NND – Flowers (Paolo Mosca Remix) [POA003]

Sometimes it can take a few releases for labels to find their musical footing, sometimes it can take years, but sometimes a special label starts with blistering musical confidence that it feels they can’t put a foot wrong, take Italian label Point of Art for instance. Label head matteo christened the label with an EP of his own, shifting between both pumping and esoteric house whilst the label’s second release featured a various compilation from three relatively new producing artists on their scene in Denalia, matteo and The Hush, with what has quickly become a signature style of quirky house that’s oozing with personality.

Point of Art early success has been championing has been charted from releasing great music from rising producers, and that thread continues with a full-debut EP from Italian artist NND, although matteo brings a little bit of man-of-the-moment spice to the release with Slow Life associate Paolo Mosca giving NND‘s ‘Flowers’ a touch of Mosca magic.

His releases on the Berlin-based Slow Life have shown him at his very best, with tracks like Now I Know Their Name illustrating his talent for peak time tracks. However, his remix of Flowers shows Mosca in a more delicate light. Oftentimes, the best remixes of already-great tracks only require a little bit of fine-tuning to bring the track within the musical direction of the remixer. Mosca keeps the core of the catchy, bopping acid bassline, but sprinkles in an angelic melody and reworks the breakdown to produce an emotional, introspective mind trip throughout the seven minutes of spin time.

Also featuring on Point of Art 003 is, of course, NND’s version of Flowers, complete with that now recognisable bassline and outbursts of hardware in the background which are underpinned by a hefty set of hip-swinging drums that ensure this one’s a bit more peak time than Mosca’s softer remix. On the B-side, as you may expect from the name, ‘Fuckedmind’ takes you on a slightly more gritty and pulsating journey with a swinging bass that’s ready to burrow itself in the deeper echelons of your subconscious. Paired with a melancholic breakdown complete with a deep, grin-inducing drop, perfect for when things are getting down and dirty.

NND’s POA 003 EP is available to purchase from Deejay, Juno or any record store of your choice.

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