Premiere: B1 – Cezare Muraca – Furius [192R-001]

It’s always nice to see the start of a new label. At least, their first release should be good, because why would you start anything with something bad, right? Today we’re hosting the crew behind the YT-channel 192 uploads, called 192 GmbH, with the first release of their new label, called 192 Rec. In case you know those reptilians only because of their Youtube activities, I’ll tell you that they are also very nice DJs – they were in my city this summer, I had to miss the party, but that was one of those rare examples when I heard ONLY good stuff about it.

Their first entry will be Cesare Muraca – one of those Italians I’ve been following very carefully for the last years. All that started with his B1 on the first release of These Tasty Records (this guy loves to start labels, eh?), after that he got another appearance there, also the remix at SINM Music should be ready soon. And also this one… We’ve been told that here we’ll have an “electro-infused melancholic journey oscillating between techno and house”. So, electro, techno AND house… Interesting.

Our today’s premiere is definitely the most interesting track on the record. Two guys I’ve talked with about this release agreed in a second about “Furius”, one of them will buy the record because of it (at least, he told me that). We’re having here another possible OST to some arcade game of the 90s, where you should run and collect things very fast. And that moment when everything almost completely disappears in the middle of the track should be like a little stroke of energy for the dancers on the party.

That was about B1 – B2 is VERY different. “Multidimentional Reaction” still sounds like an OST to some game, but on one of those calmer levels (used to called them “underwater” ones, but I think, I’m using that description very often). Very nice piece of broken stuff we have here. And on the A1 position too – “To Other Shores (Reptilians’ Vision)” is continuing the mood (actually, is setting one, since this is the first track here). Reminded me the works of KSKY a bit. And one more broken thing – “Phase” will add a pinch of 2-step to that story of electro.

I would slightly disagree about the chosen name for this label, actually, since to me the record sounds not as 192 but as a full 2117. If you think the same – you know what to do – Juno, Deejay, Decks or wherever you’re buying your wax, right?

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