Premiere: A1 – Alexis Cabrera & Mariano Mateljan – Usual Rack Rash [UDIG005]

Alexis Cabrera & Mariano Mateljan - UDIG006 cover art

Mariano Mateljan is back with the next instalment of u.dig. The vinyl-only imprint has been pretty quiet since the previous release, which saw the label bossman collaborating with Lorenzo Chiabotti. A tight-knit family of artists was building up to this point and the time has come to celebrate that with a VA. To mark the occasion, Alexis Cabrera & Mariano Mateljan join forces for the first time.

Both are well versed in serving up a funk-fuelled minimal house full of bounce and groove. Big, textured basslines sit at the centre of their productions, which have featured next to each other before. Mateljan took on a remix of Cabrera’s back in 2018 and Cabrera himself also delivered a fine contribution to the u.dig series previously with his Desidia EP. We had the first play of ‘Ready Fertig’, a trippy minimal roller full of cool dub and juicy bass.

Both Alexis Cabrera & Mariano Mateljan have featured on the Trommel podcast before so naturally, we’re excited to see them producing together. ‘Usual Rack Rash’ opens the A-side on UDIG006.

This is pure class from the pair. A combination of the signature funkin’ groove you might expect, layered with a myriad of minimal musings. Electronic signals flitter between bars, glitching in giddy fashion while playful melodies dash in analog. Delay and reverb accentuate percussion while filters dominate snappy synth notes.

Machine tinkering at its finest, breakdowns are filled with delightfully weird musical chatter. A lot of fun can be had with this, either on the ones and twos or warming up on the dance floor. Well worth the purchase, available at

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