Free Download: Mariano Mateljan – Youniverse [TFD061]

Artist and u.dig label head Mariano Mateljan is a key figure in the burgeoning Croatian underground and has produced records for the likes of Infuse, Kina Musik, Alexis Cabrera’s Fun Records, and the illustrious and long running Slovenian label Gilesku Records. His DJ sets ensure that rolling techy moods easily rub shoulders with lush soundscapes and taught rhythms. This has also led him to be called upon to act as the Croatian connect with big brands such as Fuse when they roll into town which can be heard on one of our early podcast sessions.

His productions are just one of the many reasons why this is the case as he has demonstrated on several of our premiere tracks in recent times. From the tightly wound grooves of GILE013 to his more recent outing alongside Cabrera on UDIG005. We were understandably over the moon to receive a brand-new track from Mariano and we are even more happy to share this music with gratis. ‘Youniverse’ is undulating from the outset as the deep bassline, filtered synth stabs, and laser focused percussion work their magic. Distant bells chime heralding a new wave of detuned, crunchy goodness coming your way. Make sure you grab it while its hot.

If you like what you hear then Mariano has a remix for Suburbial coming out on Future Plans shortly and you can get your hands on it via Juno.

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