Premiere: A1 – Mariano Mateljan & Lorenzo Chiabotti – Verbonesse [udig004]

The 4th release of from viny-only label u.dig sees bossman Mariano Mateljan and Lorenzo Chiabotti joining forces to indulge in their affinity for low end frequencies and punchy kicks. The result, is a bumping two-tracker – the Verbonesse EP – that elegantly captures the label’s essence.

The u.dig imprint benefits from Mateljan’s refined sound and vision, and although just over a year old, the label has already developed a consistently appealing catalogue of swingy minimal house. Hailing from Split, Croatia, Mateljan’s professional ethos and focus on surrounding himself with likeminded people has helped him go from strength to strength as a DJ and producer. UDIG004, marks Mateljan’s first collaboration with Italian groovemaster Lorenzo Chiabotti, whose first excursion to the u.dig label follows an impressive biography of releases on Fuse and sublabel Infuse, Vinylclub recordings and Eastenderz among others. It’s an incredibly compatible match, as both producers share the same playful tendency to balance the deep and dark with the light and bouncy.

Our premiere, the A1 and title track, Verbonesse, opens the record with all the ingredients of un-pretentious dance ready minimal house. It starts full throttle, with a driving, weighty kick around the 126bpm mark. Sweeping, delicate hats fill out the high end, and a saturated clap gives a simple, but full-bodied feel. But it’s the bass-driven cheeky melody that truly gives the track its dancefloor ready quality, reminiscent of Mateljian’s roots in the FUSE sound. This one hits with visceral force, maintaining its energy and drive for the full 6 minute 30 run time.

The B side is just as satisfying, a refreshing display of the power of music that speaks for itself, without the need to be painted with layers of gloss and overproduction. Prinzen Gum is glitchier and a little busier than its companion, but shares the same hit of effectiveness. In all, both tracks contain timeless vibes that sound just as good coming out of crisp Funktion 1’s at a sweaty beachside festival as they do being audaciously over-filtered at a rowdy house party. Mild to wild indeed.

This is an EP surely not to miss. Get your hands on the 180g wax from October 31