Premiere: A1 – Alexis Cabrera – Insatiable [ITW003]

Into The Woods have certainly levelled up this year and with a nicely bubbling stable of artists, labels and events ITW are ready to start dropping a lot of very good music. Returning for their third edition of their vinyl only series they produced an extremely exciting release alongside Argentinian wizard Alexis Cabrera. An artist we hold dear to our heart he turns in the goods and then some with the “Serial Light” EP.

Alexis is in sparkling form from the outset with hypnotic EP opener “Insatiable”. The groove is setup nice and early with an outrageously infectious bassline making its presence immediately known. Repeating keys dance in and out view enticing the track to reveal more waves of lush pad. A certified banger and no mistake.

“Liturgia” is next, Alexis turns his moods to a more upbeat style and the arpeggiated synth tones inject an instant dose of energy. A skipping bass tone arrangement dances in the depths of this track too, providing the soul for the jazzy slant of “Liturgia”.
Flipping over and “Serial Light” is given the full side B, dedicated to the stunningly reproduced live drums and meandering piano licks. Think French cafe but with a carefully crafted rave about to step up to the next level. For only Into The Woods’ third vinyl only EP they are already creating a “buy on sight” imprint.

You can pre-order “Serial Light” EP from Alexis Cabrera now.

Their last party celebrated their seventh birthday with Shonky and Kristina headlining, ITW now look forward to their coming shows with Crihan, Vlad Arapasu, Paulie playing live at Distrikt in Leeds on Friday, August 25th. Next they have a Sunday session with Cosmjn at The Lion and Lamb on 3rd September, supporting will be Seizun and Binyamhn. Then there is the matter of their hook up with Romanian outfit them on Saturday, 23rd September they will rendezvous at Village Underground with Youandewan who will play b2b with Huerta, plus Charbonnier and Krif will play with Telum label head Lee. 

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