Premiere: A1 – Sepp – About Us [ITW001]

SEPP - Into The Woods record image

Back in March we announced upcoming plans from London collective Into The Woods and it was quite clear to say, they are well and truly back in business. The pandemic pause saw promoters and parties alike poised and ready for the green light to go again. These guys have however done much more than reopen the dancing doors.

Alongside a huge summer schedule and a new artist agency, a new label has been born. All bases are covered and the foundations for an ever-brighter future have been set.

The launch of the new platform aims to celebrate favourites from the Into The Woods family and regular players at their events. First to take the spotlight is Sepp. Only recently was the Romanian artist on hand for the Into The Woods & Telum day party at Night Tales. Now he is supplying the sound away from the dance floor, shaping the future direction that we can expect.

First on the record is ‘About Us’. A punchy beat hits under a sharp snap of percussion, whilst gliding groove wraps around the rhythm. The slick sounds of minimal are prominent, but there’s a hypnotic centre serving a purpose to captivate.

Bells trickle delicately, breezing melody that feels quaint and fresh. Larger chords steer through soft vocals, echoing pleasantly as synth lines lift a grander fashion. Jazz plays a part, drifting as the elements grow, filled out with sounds of the orchestral. One to get lost in, with a fullness fit for a juicy system.

This one won’t be hitting the shelves for a few months, so keep your eyes peeled – expected July.

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