Premiere: A1 – Komponente / Kurilo – Lord Of Destruction [TP003]

Relax, we’re not doing the review of Mortal Kombat OST – that’s just the colorway of the upcoming release of Trance Pandemic. A Ukrainian, Kharkiv-based label run by the duo of Komponente and Kurilo (they’re also in their roster alone, so far). Dedicated to trance vibes (who would have thought?!) within the house carcass. We already did one on them – it was a piece of their second release. That one turned to be sold-out. This one is going to do the same, as I can easily say after listening.

Each track on this record is great, but our premiere of today – “Lord Of Destruction”, seems to stand out even here. With its perfect melodic intro, that seems to be a great opener for the whole release. And while the mellow voice of Elina Elian (one of the Kyiv’s greats – very skillful DJ, you should check their b2bs with Annyrock when you get a chance) meets the robotic voice of Kurilo here, the track is slowly coming to its most interesting part. Around 3:37. The part is so nice and totally different from the first one, I would like to have it as an edit in some way. The final, third part slowly takes us to its end, leaving us with the question “WTF was in the middle”.

“Magnifico” on A2 seems to be a little more aggressive here, stepping a little into 2-step territory, without forgetting its trance main line. The B-side opener “Etat” continues raising the speed here (at least, it feels like that, wouldn’t be surprised that it’s really slower than the other two, didn’t check so far) and the level of euphoria (what else you could expect from a track with “I have a dream” speech inside?). And I didn’t mention so far its gorgeous acid line. “Oblivion” – simply, one of the best selections for the last track at any type of party. That’s what you would think after its first part, but once again we’re having something interesting after that.

I’m once again reminding you about the two previous sold-outs (pssst, represses are coming!) on this label. Don’t slip on this and better head up to the pre-order sections at Juno, Deejay, Redeye or wherever you’re buying your wax.

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