Premiere: B2 – Komponente / Kurilo – After Glow [TP002]

The Kharkiv dynamic duo of Komponente and Kurilo definitely are in all tops or rankings if you’re talking about new music that is coming from Ukraine. Being associated with projects like Kultura Zvuka or Tvir for a long time, they put their hands, it seems, into all directions of house tunes – from more minimalistic examples to some trance-influenced ones, like today’s premiere.

If you missed the first release of Trance Pandemic – I have kinda bad news for you, because it sells on Discogs for a solid price of 30-euros-and-up now. And this second one should start the streak – no any showings of “second release syndrome” here, be sure.

So, today we’re talking about the B2 of this release. “After Glow” will probably end up in a lot of DJ bags at the parties this summer (fingers crossed). Too housey to call it trance, and too trancey to think about it as just a house tune. And also some bleep influences too – all together it should run perfectly on some kind of a forest rave, its morning part (fingers crossed again). By the way, I heard that Mr. Alec Falconer liked it, so if you want to hear it on a good and loud soundsystem during this spring or even summer, please, make your plans accordingly.

One more example on balancing between styles here is the opener “Ghost In The Shell” – some goa and electro vibes are whiskered into its house base. “Ramayana” could give a little spice to any track during your set if you decided to run it on the second deck with its dubby structure here. And “Wow!” adds some words like “acid” and “breakbeat” into this description (boy, it will be a long line of styles on the Discogs page of TP002).

So, if you don’t want to overpay for this record on Discogs later, don’t forget to look for it at Juno, Deejay, Redeye or wherever you buy your wax. It is coming soon!

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