Premiere: B2 – Aliana – Galaxy Orchestra [VR-03]

Lviv-native Aliana is ready to present her first solo vinyl release under this alias. Not being a newcomer though – if you know the name of Midibasics – she was a half of that project too. Too bad that the history of this duo came to the end, but those two releases they gave us could still pop up in the mixes all over the internet. And one of them even jumped into the list of Discogs’ most anticipated releases a few years ago (mostly because of HUGE pressing delay, but still!). If you’re lucky – you can hear some of the unreleased Midibasics’ stuff inside Aliana’s sets – she’ll give you a wink when that happens.

But, enough of Midibasics. Aliana recently landed on the series of mixes by EYA Records and tresydos and was a part of a compilation by a sous:sol records, got – as I was told – a very nice night at CDV along with Loa Szala, started a female DJs and promoters-only party series called Muza and now is ready to jump into your record bag for a long time with her release on Variable Records. This label has a history of gathering together artists like Chicaiza, Cosmic JD and Zenta, so, because of those names above, you, probably, know what to expect here.

Our main course of today – “Galaxy Orchestra”, staying at the B2 position, being not a closer, but a middle of the b-side, playing its role very well, transforming us between the B1 banger and the B3 ambient outro. From the first one it’s got a very nice piece of KINDA acidic bassline (just a bit), from the second one – we have a long voyager traffic line of chords. And, must say, this combination should do a lot of damage on the dancefloors.

As I said before – there’s an outro on B3, called “Lost In The Future” – a brilliant piece of ambient. But, “Gravitational Pool”, being the b-side opener and my second favorite track on the release deserves a bit closer look too, with its perfect noir setup to the middle moment of “WTF” (yes, just, like in a recent TP003).

The A-side starts with the main track of the release (you may know it from its name “My Star Is Acid” – a peace of broken beats and oden-and-fatzo-ish type of intro and sounds inside. Happy roller “In My Dream”, written with Tito Mazzetta will be our last stop here, being a perfectly calm morning track for your afterparty or breakfast routine.

Easily her best work so far and the end of the first part of her way from a newbie-DJ years ago to an impactful person on the local scene with a first solo release. Much more to come. She already got a lot of congrats on this one, hope, the next pack of congrats is about a quick sold-out.

You could help Aliana get her pack of congrats on a quick sold-out, just go to Juno, Deejay, Decks, Redeye or wherever you’re buying your wax after the official announcement from the label (should be in November).


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