Premiere: A1 – Ricardo Villalobos & Maher Daniel – Periodica [TOS011]

Maher Daniel and Ricardo Villalobos are two artists undoubtedly at the top of their game. Having consistently played the best clubs and parties they will again be meeting up behind the decks in Miami. It seems almost perfect timing that such an important pair of gigs in Miami is also paired with another instalment The Other Side’s EP series.

Almost one year ago to the day we premiered ‘Periodico’ from Maher Daniel and Ricardo Villalobos studio session but the two tracks are most definitely cut from different pieces of cloth.

If you listen closely to the groove of ‘Periodica’ there is equal parts of Maher and Ricardo. The tonality of the beats is quintessential Ricardo but the percussion and drum arrangement has clearly been treated by Maher. The pitch-black synth sections are also a calling card of Maher as his solo effort ‘Analogue Future’ on the flip will attest. Back to ‘Periodica’ and this is a serious piece of dancefloor gear. The clipped hats and tough drops littered around the track show the pair are very much in moody mode and the detuned drones that circle these drops are weird as the sudden curtailment of the track itself.

Flipping over and ‘Analogue Future’ could easily be a continuation of this track, so it is easy to trace Maher’s style compared to ‘Periodica’. Maher is such a talented producer that even when in the studio with an artist such as Ricardo that his tough, dark percussive style clearly shines through.

‘Changes’ EP part 3 from Maher Daniel and Ricardo Villalobos is now available to pre-order at

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