Premiere: B2 – D&J – Get Togeser (Giammarco Orsini Remix) [HOOVE02]

Giammarco Orsini Remix - HOOVE2 Artwork

Last year we premiered the first release of Cologne collective HOOVE. Now they return with number two. As they continue with their commitment to really put the German city on the map, the focus remains on driving forward an already passionate electronic music scene. And although Kompakt may be the most well-known electronic entity in the area, HOOVE is the one holding up the house and tech-house flag, and they are doing it with style.

They’ve been doing it for several years, exactly since 2016. Past bookings at their events include Youandewan, Huerta, Diego Krause, Nick Beringer, Velasco, Paolo Macri and Giammarco Orsini, and plans to invite a number of established artists to the city. The latter now returns to the platform, only this time he’s on the wax next to label boss DJOKO and crew member Julian Feierabend. The Italian producer delivers one of the two remixes, while the other is assigned to friend and affiliate Thalo Santana.

Each record also shows slang and words from Cologne accent on the vinyl cover, in a way it will celebrate the city but at the same time send a clear message of celebrating life too, without taking it too seriously, and just having a good time. And we can easily tell this record definitely set a good mood.

Orsini stamps his own take on D&J’s ‘Get Togeser. A big bassline drives the beat home, taking the original track and transforming it into a dance floor bomb. Energy and excitement rile as the vocal gears up for the party, questioning the commitment to get to it. Of course, by this point, we are all IN.

Futuristic synths bring in welcome texture while soft rave stabs dance uplifting melodies above. Positivity meets stomping force and you can picture a crowd full of smiles being swapped across the floor.

Listening to the original, there’s an apparent Daft Punk influence. The warm, friendly groove opens up this blend of electronica with a faint pop feel, complete with a robotic chorus of pleasantries.

HOOVE remains at the forefront of the electronic music scene in Cologne. As they continue to deliver with their tunes, there is really no excuse not to visit. When allowed, of course.

Buy the record from or Juno. For a bigger slice of their sound, check out their HOOVECAST.

More info on Giammarco Orsini
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More info on HOOVE
Facebook | Resident Advisor | SoundCloud | Discogs