Premiere: A1 – Robin Ordell – Through The Motions [WB026]

Wicked Bass is a label from Ukraine, that emerged from the party series and before that – the music blog (from Blogspot-era) with the same name. It could be considered well-established and aged (as you can see from my use of the word “blogspot” above). Throughout its history, music from people like Violet, Parris Mitchell, Vakula, Bok Bok, Huerco S., Kuzma Palkin, Raw M.T., Junes, and Ancut landed on its wax and digital releases. And all of that was picked by one of the best Ukrainian selectors – Mr. Noizar (if you’re thinking, I’m giving too much appraisal right now, you, probably never heard him playing).

Both of them (Noizar and Robin Ordell) were parts of our roundup of 2020 – Noizar with his release of Ancut and Robin as a part of the super duo Asper Bothrops, now it’s time to see, what they prepared for 2021. By the way, this release could be your only way to hear something from this label this year – since 2018 Wicked Bass never puts more than one release per year. Would be great if they broke this streak in 2021.

As you might hear from the preview of this EP – it is quite level. Definitely not “an opener and others” case. All tracks here are designed for playing and do their job very well being also very flexible – even the slowest one here – “Systemic” on B1 could be considered as a party pleaser in a lot of sets. Premiered today “Through The Motions” from A1, I bet, was played at Closer A LOT in last year. And my favorite here – “May May May” on B2, probably was played there on all other nights. Or, maybe, you’re gonna like the “Inside Out Song” from A2 with its murky flavor all the way – why not?

“I was really into what Robin was doing as a DJ and a producer in the last couple of years, – Noizar adds, – so at some point I felt it’s the time to ask him for some possible demos. It took him half a year but the pack with tracks was sent in August. Because of the very light restrictions here I had the luck to test all of them, but especially three from the now finalized tracklist and I got very nice feedback from people at different parties. The last one, “Inside Out Song”, was made afterwards and Robin wasn’t quite sure about it as far as I remember though it’s exactly the track the EP needed – mystical, drugsy house.”

Landing here at the perfect time – a lot of DJs are considering Robin Ordell one of the most interesting people inside the minimal/house scene right now – makes this one the perfect EP of the moment. Don’t forget to grab it, usually, there is nothing left from the pressing of the Wicked Bass wax in a few weeks since the release date.

You can do it, for example, here.

More information on Robin Ordell
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More information on Wicked Bass
Facebook | Instagram | Resident Advisor | SoundcloudDiscogs