Premiere: A1 – Lucretio & Omar Akhrif – Heartgirls [WB028]

A new release on Wicked Bass Records is always some sort of holiday. Rare, vinyl-only, sought-after records that you always want to see in your bag. This time they’re having a real holiday – the 20th vinyl release (the first few were digital). And with masters like Lucretio, Omar Arkhif and Darren Allen (the last one on the remixing duties), you can’t be disappointed here, right? Let’s test it then.

Today, we’re having the record’s opener – “Heartgirls”, probably, one of the perfect examples of what Noizar (the label’s owner) likes for a very long time. Moderately wonky, moderately minimalistic, a bit weird, never boring type of music. Buzzes – check, minimalistic build-up – check, something weird to remember (this time – voices in the background) – check. What’s not to like?

The record continues with the “We Like Rain” (who doesn’t in this type of summer?), a bit gloomier and more serious type of wonky weirdness. A very slow one, should still sound great on some extra BPMs. Jumping to the other side – and we’re having a much faster one. “Almost Death” with “I was almost dead” sample all around the track (probably something about the temperature, summer and lack of rain again). A very nice stomper with that great buzzing in the background (probably, Omar Arkhif’s work) and that nice signature pumping rhythms from Lucretio. Darren Allen on his version of this track took us all on some slow magical trip, putting vocals in the back, and stripping the whole track down a bit.

As Noizar told me, he decided to release it after the A1 had a very warm feedback after his mix for VBX, so, don’t hesitate to show your favourite DJs some love in the comments if you like something. Also, don’t wait too long – run to Juno, Deejay, Decks or any other of your favourite record stores and make the pre-orders. You know, the records from Wicked Bass aren’t in stores for a long time usually.

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