Premiere: A1 – Borys – Voice In My Head [WB027]

From all the premieres that I did on Trommel so far, this is easily the most anticipated one. At least, in Ukraine. Our local living legend and still a very humble person finally got his release on the label of his friend and favourite b2b partner. I’ll try to avoid the cliché of comparing Borys to other great diggers that are releasing rarely (or never) and will let you pick any of your favourite DJs for this place just to understand the scale of this release. In other words, rephrasing Fake Records’ statement about Len Lewis recently – “if you don’t know, who Borys is, you probably not as cool as your friends tell you”.

Since, maybe, 2011, there were many rumours about his productions and tracks that were going into his table only (that probably were taken from it to some sets, we’ll never know that). Until Wicked Bass Records’ owner Noizar teased a piece in his IG-story.

Wicked Bass Records doesn’t really need a special introduction either since that’s a label that has been feeding us a solid release at least once a year for a decade, where Robin Ordell, Ancut and Zots landed recently. A perfect place for something like Borys’ release (not only from the friendship perspective).

Borys told me about our premiered A1 earlier himself: “The title track has more of a loose vibe, comparing to the rest of the tracks, but IMO is crucial for the EP. So great Noizar picked it as the first track. It started as a jam based on a quirky sequence, and didn’t develop much after that. Bleeps rather than melodies, weird FX and loud zaps popping here and there – these are the sounds I’m into at the moment.” Nothing more to add except I LOVE those engine sounds in “Voice In My Head”.

The second “main” track on the record for me is hiding under the B1 spot – and it was a tough choice between them. Very quirky “Peroxide” with its melody line of something that sounds like… half scratch and half radio distractions? Probably, you will try to sing it till the end of the track (and, probably, you will look very stupid doing that). The second part of the track also gives us a touch of acid – it couldn’t be better, right?

“Grooveboxing” on A2 might even be a little underrated here, just as “Kwaks” on B2. But both of them are easily imaginable into any of sets you’ll dance your legs off.

I can already see the DJs buying two copies of this one – not to resell the other one for a shark price, but because the first one will be played until completely worn away with holes in it. So, you know – hurry up to Juno, Deejay or Decks to grab this beauty. Who knows – maybe we’ll have to wait for another decade for the next release of Borys.

Hope not.

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