Premiere: B2 – Protectorate feat. Francesco del Garda – Good Breath [RST025]

In Ukraine, these days, we have an already memetic phrase, that starts with the words “This day has come”. Usually it can be seen, when one of our biggest volunteer funds announces a quick campaign to gather a lot of money for something huge and unusual (or in some memes on any type of situation, shortly after that announcement). Honestly, I don’t know what could be more “huge” and “unusual” for a music website of our type, than a track or edit from Francesco del Garda. Not from his Timeless label, but actually made by him. Another bonus is that the track landed on a label with such history. So, you know, “This day has come”.

Restoration Records, which we’re hosting for the first time today, is the label, run by Lucretio and Marieu or The Analogue Cops, or just Domenico and Alberto – depends on what side you know them from. We can see from the history since 2007 that they’re using the label mainly for their own numerous projects and the work of their friends and close colleagues. The music, as stated in one comment on Discogs is “perfect to integrate in any house/techno set no matter the intensity you look for”. And it really is – balancing on that line between genres alongside acid drops and raw groove.

All that could be said about our today’s RST-025 release too, of course. Showing their other project, Lucretio and Marieu are following the rules of their previous works. The project is not new – we can see releases under the name of Protectorate even in the noughties, but the recent ones landed on Time Passages, SBD and 3n0 Records in 2020.

Finally, the tracks. The main one today is closing the record in style. “Good Breath” is definitely a slow-burner, moderately gloomy and raw, with just a touch of melodicism on its trippy ride, full of buzzing basslines and hats. Sounds like a little summary of a whole record, since another track, made with the help of FDG, “Amazon Crime” is also carrying a buzz inside its percussion…

…while “Someone Else” on the A1 position is taking us on another trippy ride. And to be honest – the decision between A1 and B2 was one of the hardest lately. Just check the track in full and try to keep your orientation while tapping your foot to this voodoo rhythm. There is also a bit lighter version of “Someone Else” by DJ Fett Burger – your fit here should depend on the type of your set or mood, probably. As was said before – the music on Restoration Records is “perfect to integrate in ANY house/techno set”.

Can’t wait to have this beauty in my collection. If you’re feeling the same – you know the drill. Juno, Deejay, hhv or wherever you’re buying your wax.

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