Premiere: A2 – Gio Shengelia & Toke – Supermarket on Mars [SATZ001]

It seems that Georgia will have another great label since SATZ is ready to start. And for their first one they got themselves a very nice team on their VA. And today we’re looking into the most Georgian part of it.

Toke was a part of one of the most beautiful VA’s of 2020 (I’m talking about MOVES001) + had a few nice tracks made in 2021 – the first and most important one for me is “Tvaltxa” on the second Pluto’s Plan. Gio Shengelia is another impactful player on the Georgian scene so it’s getting interesting already.

“Supermarket On Mars” is a straight piece of broken beat. Perfect line in the front, great and not boring bassline in the back. All those additional samples just adding a few touches to the whole picture. Definitely built for the dancefloors, simple at first sight, the track won’t let you stop dancing through its almost six minutes.

The release is starting with the dark banger “Dots” by Z@p. This one should give a little heat to the winter dancefloors all around the world. Very energetic one. Do Or Die is here with a very speedy vibe, literally, like Z@p’s track, but on 45. 204 seconds of mayhem. That’s “Swinger Cats” (what a name!). And a very productive Ukrainian duo of Komponente and Kurilo present us a very different piece at the end of the B-side. Their “Manmachine” will easily give you a break after that B1 but not too much since the track is full of that dark, spooky, almost Halloween feel they are well-known for.

The pre-sale just started on Deejay, Redeye, Yoyaku and almost everywhere. Your vinyl dealer is probably already worrying why you didn’t give him a call!

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