Premiere: A2 – DMX Krew – I Love Kevin [ALT003]

DMX Krew steps up for the third release of Innershades’ Altered Circuits label.

The Brussel based project is ran by the Belgian producer together with Thwang, pushing a raw, old-school inspired aesthetic with classy releases from Innershades, Polarius and now the legendary DMX Krew.

Edward Upton aka DMX Krew has been one of electronic music’s most prolific forces since the early 90s. With releases dating back to 1994, the UK veteran has never slowed his pace of production. Making music with analogue machines has been central to his work for over two decades which comes through in his unique and classy music.

Frequent full length LP’s sit amongst countless EPs and a bottomless catalogue of unreleased tracks and edits. In April last year, we were talking about his contribution to Jos’ EYA Records with another series of innovative jams.

Always evolving his approach with his touring live set, the classic, raw vibe of machine-made music remains totally fresh two decades on. Tracks explore a number of moods throughout the four track EP ‘Powerplay’.

‘House Twerp’ opens the record with a delightfully playful bomb. Laid back chords wash over a dreamy synth sequence setting a lush, innocent atmosphere. The premiered ‘I Love Kevin’ is arguably the most fruitful of the four, bending nostalgic acid bass lines over squelchy, ear worm synth lines nodding to the seasoned producer’s deep understanding of club music.

Sequences remain simple and stripped back whilst casting this dreamy, euphoric vibe that would bring smiles to any dance floor. It’s raw, honest dance music that is the sign of an experienced producer expressing emotions through the machines he knows so well.

‘Masked Man’ ups the menace with a pacey, acid workout. Trippy percussions dart between a sharp acid line in this tooly cut before closing the EP with the mesmeric title track ‘Powerplay’.

The spiraling bassline is ineffably moreish in this groovy electro jam, working classy 808 drums over a stunning chord sequence and tripped out vocal samples. You can picture fabric’s room 1 blowing up to this track just as much as Berlin’s Hoppetosse or the Sunwaves beach. DMX Krew continues his decade spanning streak of pumping out timeless dance music packed with character.

Each track varies with intrigue and mood, meandering through peculiar worlds and memorable melodies. Innershades’ Altered Circuits label deliver another classy, diverse record that is sure to find it’s way into the bag of many selectors from various scenes.

Flirting between genres, it’s difficult to define this expressive music that transgresses between classic sounding house, techno, electro and beyond.

Buy the record from Red Eye Records.

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