Premiere: A1 – PENG – WCM 2 LDN [PENG90]

If you’re not a newbie on Trommel, you probably know, that the grime scene is not really up our alley. But, with the skyhigh rise of the UKG scene it became really impossible to ignore the grime completely – if you love UKG, chances are big that you’ll hear some grime vocals during the sets. And if Dragutesku could flip the hip-hop classics into a great deep and minimal house tracks, why someone else can’t do the same with some grime hits and UKG, electro or breaks?

The name of that “someone else” is PENG. Zero information about the origin of the author, label, series etc – the only thing we know, it goes under the KMA60 distribution. Still, the record is already on pre-sale with two great tracks inside. We’re having the first one here tonight.

“Cold  when it’s critical. Cool but cynical. Maxed out never minimal. That’s how we function – those lyrics by Flowdan are implying that it’s the edit of his track “Welcome To London”. Also, the name is not really secretive – “WCM 2 LDN” – what we have here is almost an obvious catch. Behind the lyrics there’s also the great electro/breaksy line of percussions that could do some damage on the peak time or at the afterhours equally. Plus, a very catchy melody. Can’t be asking for more here.

Now – to the flip side. “WON SEK” left me curious for a sec, because I love to play the original “1 Sec” by Novelist and Mumdance. So, after hearing a great UKG intro I was very happy since it was an edit to it. The original track is very tooly and really waiting for any type of drums to be put on its vocals. This time we got a base that strongly reminds me of one of my last years’ UKG favorites – the remix by Instinct of “Trimmers”, made by Frankel and Harper. This base + the voice of Novelist + some original samples from the “1 sec”… Can’t be asking for more here too.

Don’t be late for it – without the delays, it should hit the online shelves at Juno, Deejay, or KMA60 at the start of August max. Hoping, there won’t be any – this record deserves to be played in the summer.

More information on KMA60 (PENG Distribution)
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