Premiere: A1 – Occibel – Lift Off [PACHINKO1]

Today we’re getting you a piece from the debut release of a very promising vinyl-only label from Australia. Dedicated to the “spacey dancefloor-oriented tracks from around the planet”. To prove that – we’re having a very bright VA team on the first round of Pachinko Records. Hope the name is telling us that we’re going to have at least 12 of them, haha.

So, from the whole crew we picked the A1 today, made by a Parisian artist Occibel. I can easily say that I love his appearance on Chat Noir Tools the most. Also he has landings on Tesselate and Nuances de Nuit. But what about this one? We have here a moderately spacey (remember? that’s the main thing here) tune with a piece of nostalgia that is coming from these piano chords in the middle. And the name “Lift Off”, probably tells you that you’ll hear some rocket science samples here. The mood is bright, legs are ready for the legwork. Nice one.

What else? The A2 by Buraye from Colombia, cutting a bit of fun, adding a bit of seriousness, bubbling and highway traffic mood inside his “Objective Truth”. The B-side starts from the soul (or heart? need to check) of the label – JJ Fortune and the easy stomper “Freak”. And everything ends with “Parallax” by Akyra – also a very calm track, that many DJs should love because of its simplicity.

All in all – we weren’t misled – we have spaceyness, dancefloor orientation, and a little trip around the Earth too, looking at the list of participants.

So, Round 1 by the vinyl-only Pachinko label is already at the stores, so don’t miss it on Viniil, Deejay or wherever you’re buying your wax.


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