Premiere: A1 – Antoine Sy – Ligne 13 [PACHINKO4]

Antoine Sy is next up on the Australian label Pachinko with a four-track EP.

The French artist has been a frequent face within the stripped back house realms for several years, releasing records with the likes of Voiceless and The Void Project, as well as his own prolific labels Antam Records and BinarySound. We also featured a powerful track as free download from the Frenchman back in March.

Taking on the forth release for Pachinko is no easy feat as the label continues their sell-out streak of releases from the likes of Marcos Coya, Buraye and Will Acton which are all now hiking in price on Discogs.

Mario Liberti and Occibel contributed to the first two fiery releases that we premiered back in 2022, setting the scene for this growing label. It’s the projects first solo EP, bringing three original cuts from Antonie, plus a tasteful remix from the intriguing Smooth Operators alias.

True to the label’s tastes within menacing, acid-tinged flavours, each track is brimming with energy, darting between fizzy hi-hats and snappy snare drums that are gasping for a keen dance floor. We zoom into the A1’s ‘Ligne 13’, a fruity synth workout that captures the frivolous and very much up-for-it vibe surrounding this scene.

The EP is aptly titled ‘Paris Nightlife’, capturing this raw essence often found in the city’s best parties at the likes of Cafe Barge and numerous warehouse parties dotted around the capital. Melodies are packed with a menacing and peculiar energy, drawing massive synth lines between a nimble set of percussion. You can definitely picture the likes of Ethel and the RA+RE crew rocking the Parisian crowd with this one.

Each track showcases an influence from 90s house and acid flavours, inspired by the raucous, ravey vibe that is a growing trend in today’s releases. ‘Kung Fu Mania’ dials into a more playful atmosphere, bending trippy synths into a moreish bassline that is definitely going to see plenty of play time across Europe.

‘Elephunk’ offers a more heads-down, after-hour vibe with a mean bassline and emotive chord stabs bringing a slice of variety to the EP. Smooth Operators remix offers further versatility with a moody reshape of ‘Elephunk’, injecting fizzy vocoder parts and ominous motifs to conclude this impressive four tracker.

Given how the first three releases have gone down for Pachinko, this won’t be around for long.

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