Premiere: A2 – Mario Liberti – Universal L [PACHINKO2]

The Australia-based Pachinko Records label is gathering four more artists for their Round 2. You, probably, remember our last meeting with them, when we premiered the first track from their first release. Today, since it’s their second release, we’re getting the second track on the record. Just kidding, as usual, I just like this one the most.

Starting – unexpectedly – from the “M-M-M-M-M-Maybach Music” sample, “Universal L” by Mario Liberti gives us a little ride in the hood on a spaceship. Imagine, you’re taking Rick Ross on a trip in a total black rocket (probably made by M-B) and during all this trip, you have to listen to a house track. That’s the vibe. Add to this a lot of other well-known samples (no spoilers here), great breaks during almost the whole track, a little piece of very catchy chords… Definitely no time to be bored here.

And that’s just the beginning. Will Action does a little Innershades/Do/or/die-type beat in his opening “Cosmic Passenger” track. And you, probably, already, know, that it will work for the crowd THAT well. As usual, right? Heimyl opens the B-side with a little bit more serious “Space Swing” with a killer bassline all the way. If not a Dungeon Meat-worthy, then a piece very close to it. Lorenzo Slider sits on the closing position with his “Night On Earth”, and that’s my favorite type of outro – which means no outro, just another banger. Yes, a little bit calmer and more broken, still can do some damage on the dancefloor.

Don’t know what more to say about this record, maybe, except just send you to the Viniil, Juno, Deejay or wherever you’re buying your wax. That one shouldn’t be missed!

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