Premiere: B2 – Vision Of Gandhi – Forgotten Realms (Arp Mix) [ONUSSEN02]

Onussen Records is ready with its second blast. Last time we got a piece of the record, made by still mysterious Vision Of Gandhi project. This time we’ve got the whole record. One track here and the full EP on our Youtube channel. We were a bit worried – the second release syndrome, you know, all these questions in our heads if the record would be as great as the first one. Hell yeah, it sure is!

Even choosing the one “main” track for this premiere was tough. After a very long hesitation, “Forgotten Realms (Arp Mix)” was picked. The longest one here, the last one on the record, but definitely not least. Energetic, a bit mysterious, with a motif that could become the OST of, probably, any videogame with the word “realm” in its name. And most importantly – designed for your dancing pleasure in the first place. The rhythm does its job very well through the whole 6 minutes and 41 seconds.

Another track on the record, that should be played a lot this year is the A1 “Psychedelic Sequence”. With its perfectly catchy bassline and kinda trippy mood (not distractive at all) I would easily call it a “tool”. The A2 is hiding another banger here, called “Boogie Bells” with its euphoric pads, robotic voice pieces and a splashy kick during the whole track. Probably, it could be labeled as “dark italo”, but it’s not THAT dark and not THAT italo. “Progenitor” at B1 kinda continues the mood of A2, but without all that euphoric atmosphere – that’s why I like it less (but, believe me – that’s the only “problem” here).

All in all – it’s impossible to dislike this record. The producer’s work was done really well; we are now counting on the publishing team. Please, no delays this time. Ok?

The record could be pre-ordered at Viniil exclusively. Don’t miss it!

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