Premiere: B1 – Aerofunk – Zezwa [SLS001]

These basslines today are getting fatter and fatter, don’t you think so too? In fact, I almost slept on today’s premiere, after clicking on the A1 preview and thought that this sound would be too hard for our Trommel selection. Good thing that I also decided to click on A2 and B1…

So, today we’re having Aerofunk, starting the history of the label, called Silias Records. And the sound of this one will be a bit rough, I have to warn you from the start.

You can hear from the first seconds in “Zezwa”, its kick for the whole first minute of the track. If you survive that first minute, you’ll have to deal with that gorgeous bubbling bassline later. Then – a little break for your dancing pause, and after that the engine is starting again. 6 minutes of straight outdoor rolling. In case, you forget the name of the track – you’ll hear it in the background every few seconds. Very clever move, haha.

But that’s only one out of this hardkicking four-tracker. Since we’re already on the B-side, let’s stay there and check the track on the B2 position. “Up In The Sky” is, to be simple, a straight piece of broken beat. We’re having a bit of balance on this one – perfect balance between 4/4 and some broken stuff. Some not-so-dreamy voiceovers about the sky are just a perfect addition to everything mentioned above.

Now – the A-side. That one superscary A1 “Definition Of Ill” turned to be not THAT scary. I mean, there’s that enormous bassline (god, I can imagine, how great it will sound on a proper soundsystem), but also the equalizing calm chords. A combination, that could easily be imagined in the set of, let’s say Quest – that moment, which you can usually see in our videos. And there’s also “Funky Breaky West” – the longest track on the release, probably the calmest one, but, I think, that’s only in comparison with its neighbors here.

You can check the whole release on our Youtube, by the way.

So, if you want to properly smash some soundsystems this summer – go to Chat Noir, Juno, Deejay or wherever you are buying your wax. Release date is not that far away!

More information on Aerofunk
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More information on Silias Records
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