Premiere: B1 – Aerofunk – Be [STRWB006]

If you read our spring review of Aerofunk on Silias Records, you probably remember the vibe. Funky, even funny tracks with unexpected twists and turns. The same energy was brought into his next release on Party Tricks and also here – to the fruitiest label in the universe – Fraise Records.

Our today’s one, called “Be” starts with the voice sample that will sit in your head for at least an hour after the track ends. Rhythmic and short phrases “be true, be you” and “don’t think, just do” in that sweet voice sound great even without anything. But here we also have a very nice stomping beat base. Some stripped-down chords in combination with that percussion almost send us to some minimal house from 2007 (just add the white noise sound). Or some carousel rides from your childhood (that could also be 2007, I don’t know how old you are). But my favourite part is starting after 4:00. You better listen to that by yourself.

Staying on the B-side, means that we’ll hear the last track on the record, which finishes it with a nice style. “Juicy” – what a perfect name for a track on Fraise Records, ah? – is a nice 6-minute jam for a sunset cruising with your bae near some beach on Wednesday (if you don’t have some hard work on Thursday).

Another piece, that could be considered a cruiser, is hiding on the A2 position under the name of “Chillan”. With that late 80s/early 90s vibe inside, your cruise will probably be to some mall in the evening, to have some fast food (remember that McDonalds’ mascot with the moon on his head?). And we decided to leave the biggest one for the end since “Brek Somet” without any doubt smashes it the hardest here. Epic nine minutes of a joyride, I guess it was played hard during the summer forest raves. At least, it should have been.

As usual, Fraise Records delivers. And if you too can’t get enough of Aerofunk, like me, you better go to label’s Bandcamp, some of your usual stores, or call your vinyl dealer to send you a copy ASAP.

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