Premiere: B1 – D&P – Jetstylin [PT003]

Another four-tracker from Fraise Records’ Party Tools series – which, as you can understand from the name, is about to give us four great tools for parties. Duowe and Picasso did a perfect work again, this time with a nod to some progressive pieces. Here we go!

“Jetstylin”, the B-side opener, starts with a nice echo and some tribal percussions. Could be any track, right? Something with “remastered from old DAT tapes”, right? A bit of buzzing is following the intro and a few chords, that were sending us some rest and chill vibes, but no, not this time. These chords will make their comeback a bit later in the track, but from the middle, we’re having a mix of everything.

“Squeaky Clean” is giving us the wrong clue with its broken start – it will also be a progressive remake. Heavy breathing is used as a rhythm – a very interesting take here. Some other mellow chords, that are just misleading us here, but still, must say, the track is a bit less energetic, than our main premiere. “Heebie Jeebies” on the A-side starts as a bit rougher example of a progressive house. Especially with that buzzing. My second favorite track on the record. “Alright”, its follow-up, is another – you won’t believe – a progressive piece here. Can’t say it will be played a lot, which means, that you can easily grab it into your bag and won’t be scared to hear it from somebody else. The track is not bad at all – a very solid tool, that’s just a prediction.

Obviously, the previous two releases from this series have been in history for a long time, so, if you missed them, maybe don’t do that with the third one. Juno, Deejay, their Bandcamp are already waiting for you and your pre-orders.

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