Premiere: A1 – Duowe – Bounce N Out [STRWB009]

Your favorite fresh fruit delivery is back with the next batch of jams. And let me tell you, we’re in for some peak-time tunes – which is always a good thing, right? Plus, Fraise Records and Duowe are bringing in influences from the golden era of tech house – and that just can’t be bad, can it? Let’s dive right into it.

“Bounce N Out” kicks off, starting a bit dirty, but then it transforms into exactly what we were promised. It still has that modern touch though, so it’s not just blindly recreating the 00s. This one’s definitely gonna have its moment of glory on the dancefloors.

“Heavenly Sedated” adds a little buzz to everything we’ve heard on the A1, keeping that big-room vibe alive. “Yo Yo Leven” takes its time, slow-cooking its way through – it’s a nice, leisurely journey for sure. And “Ode To Syd” wraps everything up nicely, bringing some calm chords to the same speed as its B-side counterpart.

Another banger from Fraise Records – but hey, did we expect anything less from them? I’ll just drop the links to Juno, Deejay, and hhv here. You know the drill, right?

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