Premiere: A1 – Duowe & Picasso – Swingers McGee [STRWB007]

The owners of Fraise Records – the biggest fruit factory in the music industry – Duowe & Picasso are coming back to their workplace for some new fruit delivery. This time, as we can see from the cover, they really messed up with some genetically modified organisms. What we’ll get from it – extra crunch, increased juiciness, extended pre-sale time? It’s time to find out right now.

The first one on the record kicks immediately. “Swingers McGee”, our premiere is one rock hard banger. Some winks onto garage territory from the 4/4 position. Some little drops, like the one we have at 1:40. Constantly working hats and just a touch of melody in the first part, increasing even more in the second one. Nice stomper, a perfect opener.

“Paranoid Android” is a bit more laid back track, still with a very similar build-up. But those mellow vocals take us back instead of pushing forward into the dance. A little recreation time at the party with some very serious wobbles inside, that won’t let you just chill. “The Prophecy” is another stomper here, a little bit slower than the previous two, but with a much harder kick, that easily compensates it. And really gorgeous part somewhere in between the 3rd and the 4th minute. “Tumbleweed”, the last one on the record is one of those tracks, that I (and some others) would call a “tool”. Another wink we have here – this time to UK progressive, with all those echoes and deep atmosphere in general. Deep, but not too boring.

The seventh collection of juicy fruits from the guys is already waiting for you at the stores. I know, I mentioned those experiments with GMOs, but I still don’t know about their shelf time. So, you know – Juno, Deejay, hhv or wherever you’re buying your fruits. Sorry, wax.

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