Premiere: A1 – Duowe – R U Ready? [STRWB004]

The Fraise Records crew is already famous for filling almost every second of their releases with some fun, so if you are seeking some serious and adult minimal or something – you better close this page right now. Constantly balancing on the edge of UKG and… actually, everything else, they are usually blending all their “fruits” into one hell of a smoothie. Tonight we are going to taste their fourth recipe.

I’ve been told that their A1 “R U Ready” here “brings a vibe built for the summer raves we are all eagerly waiting for”. Well, that explains a lot. A quite typical Duowe’s track (and that’s not a bad thing at all!) with a very recognizable vibe – but, also with a nice touch of some retro acid journey. “So many questions have been made about this new dance craze, called acid” started to run inside my head during this track. And this can’t be a bad sign, right?

Who else is here? The label regulars – Nathan Pinder and Matt Wills are sending us their greetings. The first one with a very “nathanpindery” percussion on “Breathe”, this time making a tiny step back from his UKG side. And Matt is opening the b-side with a huge curtsey to the UKG side on “Pins And Needles”, still standing on the side of 4/4. If you somewhat would force me to choose between those two – I would pick Matt, because of the baby scratches inside his B1, still can’t get enough of them in the modern tracks. Another “baby” – Baby Rollén, the newbie on the label – and finally we have some proper 2-step here on “Mr. Moisturiser”.

So, June has to be the month of STRWB004 – and you better do your speed jump into the Bandcamp of the Fraise Records. Regular shops are also an option, but we all want to be sure with the landing of this release, right?

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