Premiere: B1 – D&P – WTF [PT001]

The fruitiest and the juiciest label on the whole planet – Fraise Records is ready with their new sideline series with a very bold name Party Tools. We can’t see any strawberries here but can hear two great tracks, one of which you’ll hear tonight in full for the first time. We don’t have too much information about the series or the project with a mysterious name D&P (I’m giving you a wink right now), so my proposal is to go straight to the tracks.

Since we’re more interested in the B-side here, we’ll start from it. The name “WTF” is hiding a very solid banger behind it, which was designed straight for the clubs (you remember the EP name, right?). Things are getting harder on 0:32 point already with that background buzzing that will sound great on a proper soundsystem. But then you’ll have the 1:09 point where (and it was tested already) your crowd should really go nuts. 5 minutes of a very delicate mayhem we have here. The third and final shoutout will be for 2:56 here. Just love that sample.

On the A-side we have another nice one, called “Italo Deckchair”. Not THAT great (for me) since its beginning kinda introduces us to something bigger than we receive at the end. But (and this is a huge “but”) its mellow melody and the smiley vibe of the whole track doesn’t leave me anything but to put it in my “morning” ones category. Which also requires its own tools, right? And that transition on 3:02, mmm!

I personally am a fan of Fraise Records, so I can just wish them many-many records in their Tools’ series. If you liked this 10” beauty – go to their Bandcamp, Deejay or Coldcutshotwax and get it. These should get spinned a lot!

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