Premiere: B2 – Man/ipulate – The Beat Club [OPIA012]

Well, must say that both OPIA Records and Man/ipulate have been on my radars for a long time. Man/ipulate – since the album of The Signal Phantasm and OPIA Records since their… Let me check… The second release, yes (somehow I slept on the first one).

Both had a very nice 2021 – Vincent with his release on Shinuchu and OPIA – at least, because of the release by Idris Bena & Paolo Mosca (if you want – you can also add a great album by Jimmy Batt). Now they’re matched, and, to be honest, I can hear a lot of shouts of excitement about it around.

My favorite piece of this record is hiding behind the B2 position and we’re having “The Beat Club” today for the first time in full on the World Wide Web. The whole EP promises us some “nod of respect to the timeless sounds of the 90s” – well, this is, probably, the best description of this track. This is the type of stuff that you can easily find in the “20 Have, 350 Want” section of Discogs – funky percussion, uplifting chords, just a touch of that ravey atmosphere of 199-whatever. I have only one caution here – if you decide to play it – don’t get scared at 3:49. That’s just a pause.

The opener of the record, called “The Flight”, is also giving a nod of respect to the Man/ipulate’s release on Shinuchu, playing with that trance elements, while a trip to the early 90s Italy is waiting for you at “It’s Not A Mindtrip” – that’s the A-side. The B-side starts with a piece of broken beats and a calm, progressive vibe again on “WWA”, after that – our premiere of today, after that – a nice funky broken outro of the record at “Primary”.

Without a doubt – it’s one of the best releases on OPIA Records. Don’t know if it is not too late – but you better hurry up to the pre-orders section at Juno, Deejay, Decks or wherever you’re buying your wax.

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