Premiere: A1 – Man/Ipulate – Music Call (Alex Kassian’s Power Play) [CMR008]

I told you there would be more man/ipulations on Trommel not so long ago, didn’t I? Certain Music decided to take us back to 2022 and squeeze everything from one of the best releases of the last year. Remember, on CMR007, Eternity EP, there were not only 3 versions of the main track, but also another beauty, called “Music Call”? Well, how about 4 more versions of it?

One of the best duos you can imagine – Man/Ipulate and Alex Kassian are opening the record and from the first second of the preview I knew it has to be on Trommel (since somehow it didn’t work out for the previous release). Before the click I even thought for one second, that the label decided to re-release THAT remix, from last year. But after the first click the homage to one of the greatest sounds in music appeared. Last year Alex went into full Westbam, this time we have a piece of Giorgio Moroder’s legacy. The track (Power Play, as this version is named) starts easily, nothing points that we are going to have one of the best minutes of our life soon. But, if you hear that bassline – that’s what gonna happen. Some piano stabs are working perfectly with all that on top and that dreamy piece from the original from last year is a nice revelation closer to the end.

Another track that we’re having in full today (on our YouTube channel) is the in-house version by Certain People. Early Prog Mix is closing the record with that stripped-down banger quality. Or maybe that’s just in comparison to the rest of the tracks?

Two more names aren’t joking either. Fantastic Man’s Mediterranean Mindfuck – how about THAT naming? Great piece, that pairs perfectly with your naked legs, that are dancing in the water at 6 AM or something. And also these chopped pianos… Another one goes easy on the naming – Baldo’s Acid Mix delivers everything you can imagine from that name. We have acid, we have Baldo’s signature percussions on the edge of tribal and breaks. What’s not to like?

I don’t think, that we’re going to have anything more banging this year, so… Deejay, Yoyaku, Subwax. Run!

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