Premiere: A2 – Man/ipulate – 1st Date [SENTAKU007]

Well, I guess we can already say, that it’s a year of Man/ipulate. With his releases on OPIA, Certain Music and now on Sentaku, he has already cemented his legacy in 2022. And, as always – there’s much more than just one great track on the release.

We already have the tracks from Man/ipulate in our collection of premieres, but today we’re starting from the “1st Date”. As he usually perfectly balances on the edge of that retro and modern house… not even the sounds, but feelings that are coming with the sounds, this one should be considered The Signature Track Of Man/ipulate. Bouncy groove from the first second – checked. Delicate rollercoaster type of highs and lows in the structure – checked. Some pieces of melody and vocals that will live in your head long after the track ends – check. And, gosh, I already see literally EVERY DJ lipsyncing the phrase “He’s the fucking man” while playing this. 2022 or 1995 – you will never tell the date of this track – also add that to “checked”.

And that’s only the first of the four on the record. It starts with “Dimension” – a very energetic and moderately old school opener that comes with a pinch of acid within. “Watatsumi” – the opener of the flip-side, gives us a little rest and that “evening of 1992” vibe. And the last here, called “Make It Sweat”, looks like it was designed for some summer forest raves with its deep, spacey, but still powerful structure.

Usually, the records of Sentaku are not shelf-fillers at the stores (their last split between Dandeloo and Lamalice – my fav until this one – was sold-out very quickly) – so you better run to Juno, Deejay or Decks and reserve your copy. You don’t want to bother the spirit of Watatsumi after all, right?

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