Premiere: A1 – Man/ipulate – Why Don’t You Move [NUIT009]

London-based record label Nuances de Nuit releases its 9th volume unveiling a new four-tracker various record. As always, it features la creme de la creme of the new house scene. This time, welcome Sentaku and Shinuchu resident Man/ipulate, french duo Yamen & EDA, Midge Thompson and regular on the label Cosmic JD.

Co-founded by T. Jacques and Lucy Crocker in 2019, Nuances de Nuit has gradually established itself as the go-to label for 90s influenced house sonorities, featuring mainly UK and French rising producers from the underground scene. Their name ‘Nuances de Nuit’ comes from the strong inspiration they got from the french/parisian scene, as they’ve now signed some of the best artists of the moments such as Armless Kid, Vitess, DJOKO, Liquid Earth but also James Andrew, Huerta or Politics Of Dancing to name a few.

As T. Jacques signed the only solo EP of the catalogue so far with ‘Hobbis Housers – Nuances de Nuit, Vol. 8‘, it seems like the label is all about releasing VA records. They are now unveiling the 9th volume of the series with a bouncing four-tracker. French producer Man/ipulate takes the lead on this one with ‘Why Don’t You Move‘ on the A side – and if you’re listening the track and still not moving, we’re asking you the same thing.

The track is a pure house piece containing anything you’d need for a proper boogie. It has this indescribable groove that would instantly hit the dance floor, driven by a rolling beat and a genuine kick. Instead of keeping it in our comfort zone, it surprisingly changes perspectives and bring us to deeper tones to explore new spaces. “I was in a purely festive mood when recorded the track,” says Man/ipulate. “For the ‘why don’t you move’ vocal, I was immersed in the search for this 90’s house sound and while passing on some American labels, I came across this vocal which gave me the exact festive tone that I wanted.

‘Why Don’t You Move’ is a unique perspective into what both the Nuances De Nuit and the Man/ipulate aural landscape looks like: a perfect blend of old school house sonorities innovated with the sounds of today.

They initially collaborated on a very straightforward basis: “T.Jacques told me ‘I like your sound’, I answered him ‘I like your sound too’, and after that everything went very quickly after,” adds the french producer, laughing, “proper good vibes.” And more seriously, Man/ipulate recalls that he feels greatly connected to the UK scene surely through the festive and colourful imprint, without the hassle. “I feel very connected to this scene, which I thank a thousand times for the support! It is something I did not expect,” he says. “Moreover, Nuances de Nuit has connections quite similar to mine, such as the very good duo Yamen & Eda who are from the same region as me. With this, I could not feel more connected!

You can find the vinyl in your local record shop or your favourite digging websites. It is available for pre-orders on Bandcamp and you might not want to sit on this one as there are already only a few copies left.

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