Premiere: A1 – Man/igance – Revolution (Belic & Mani Mix) [LMBG14]

As Alexis Llorca from Lumbago put it: “As usual, every appearance on Lumbago means new alias, after Welwert, The Signal Phantasm & Man/ipulate, please welcome Man/igance – in case you were wondering who’s the producer behind this one. Man/ipulate (let’s just stick with his “usual” name) had an INCREDIBLE hot streak a few years back, and ever since then, his tracks are automatic buys. Can’t say this one’s any different.

“Revolution (Belic & Mani Mix)” brings in some new beat influences, just like they promised, and I’m loving it. This music just makes you want to move, what more could you ask for, right? Those extra “clicks and whistles” add a fun touch and keep us hooked throughout the track – always a plus.

“Fight Night” is just a pinch more aggressive and will probably work even better on the dancefloors. The beginning of “The Falling” is a bit scary, I gotta admit, but then we dive into that perfect splashy, marching rhythm again, paired with some icy male vocals. And the ending of the record is super synthy – hop in your Testarossa, crank up “Third Saturn Moon,” and you’ve got yourself a chill evening.

That’s it – pretty soon, the “Uprising” EP will be in stock at every decent record store. But for now, you can pre-order it on Deejay, Decks or Lumbago’s Bandcamp.

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