Premiere: B2 – Sweely – Waves After Waves [LMBG13]

You know Sweely, right? The guy, that transforms almost every track into a brick of gold. He was invited to be a part of Lumbago’s Ninja Tools series and delivered one of the most beautiful tracks of the year – we can already say it. The. Ultimate. Closer. Track. Of the year. Until someone proves me the opposite.

A little story first. Recently I was called to do a warm-up for Adam Collins at Closer. Since I already had the file, I decided to test it on the crowd. As the final track of the set, of course. But, somehow, at the last moment I decided to pick some other one. That was on Saturday – on Sunday, during the second day of the party (with a curfew break – don’t forget we’re in Kyiv during the war in Ukraine), Ancut is playing his gorgeous set. And guess what his finishing track is? Ta-daaa! And this went just as you can imagine, listening to this beauty. Especially if you’re playing THAT well, as Ancut did. I put that into stories (audio-only of course, since we’re at Closer) and received around 15 messages all in caps with questions about what that was. The crowd reacted accordingly, with a long round of applause in the middle of the track.

How could it be different? “Waves After Waves” is just perfectly built for moments like these. A long intro – could easily be skipped. Then some Balearic vibes with jumpy basslines, some baby scratches, some sexy vocals, and some fatty pieces too. Just wait for the sun in the morning near some water and play it to your loved one. I mean the crowd.

And we have more here. Eric OS still keeps feeding us tracks. His “Zeal” here is a solid, murky, working track for your toolbox. Gogo Gadgeto delivers a piece with a little acid influence with “Jetpack”. Finally, Central Intelligence takes us on some trance trip to some “Altered Dimension”. Probably, one of the strongest B-sides of the year here.

I don’t know, I mean, have you heard the track? Let me just leave the links to Yoyaku, Deejay and Bandcamp of Lumbago and not say anything more, OK?

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