Premiere: D2 – Mmmh – Disco Reve [LMBG12]

If you’ve been with Trommel for a long time, you can probably remember Mmmh on our website before. In 2020 we hosted him with his previous release on Lumbago. After that, as the statement by the label says, he “has seen no other light than his own computer screen. No need, indeed, to confront the world and its urban apocalypse when you have a vessel shaped to produce light and hope”. All that work was transformed into this monstrous 3×12” album, part of which we’ll show you today.

After checking every clip, I decided to jump straight to the D-side (not something we have here too often), where on the D2 position we have “Disco Reve”. The whole album is again carrying us to that, a little bit overused lately, videogame aesthetics and sounds, which, to be honest, scared me a bit – I didn’t want to get bored by it. And what can I say – it is not boring at any second. Even if you can say, that you’ve already heard that build-up, those sounds and vibe (and you’ll be totally right about it), Mmmh manages to add a little something extra to it. In this particular one, I definitely like those melancholic vocal samples, that are almost made as chords here. Appearing in the middle of the track, they definitely distract you from that journey-like percussion that makes you imagine some 16-bit game in your head.

The album is 86 minutes long, and if you can’t wait to check what else there is for you – here’s a little guide. The A/B vinyl starts – of course – with the intro. What else can you expect from an 86-minute piece of work, right? Beatless, calm “Can You Call It Off” sets the mood with that retro beachy vibe and gives it away to its neighbor “The Water Drips”, where we step from the beach to the ocean from the very first second and that water drop sample. We were promised some “aquatic beats” – here we go. Since bananas are probably the most collected stuff in video games – no wonder we have “Banana Groove” on the A3 – moderately slow, quite uplifting, one of those examples, why we love (if we love) all those videogame vibes. “Exploit” starts the B-side here with a little bit more serious and gloomy mood, but still taking us to do a little dance. “Reproducing Thought Patterns” and its enormous long intro starts it all over again and moves us from 0 to 100 just right at its end.

Another vinyl – another intro, not the track but its part only. “Sparks” is definitely giving a nod to the B2 – the intro is much smaller, and the 0-100 run hits us almost immediately. And that final part gives us a little rest before another slow-cooker “Fuggy Zoneness” – the longest track on the whole album should probably sound great at the start of some very long morning set. “LA Dream” on the D1 position is changing the pace again – sugar-rushed quickness should be expected on the dancefloors.

The final part is starting from – you’ll never guess… “The Wonderful World Of Insurance Policies” sounds like a perfect background for, let’s say, some insurance commercial in the mid-90s. Its follow-ups “Suite” and, “Sunny Bleu Eyes” takes us even further into retro with their vibe. And, while the E-side was, it seems, for listening pleasure, “Same & M” on the F-side opening is taking us to the dancefloor again. “Qu est Ce Que Vous Coyez” stays on the dancefloor with us, still, the dance moves are getting calmer. And the final one – “FACE (PomchoPino Mix)” concludes everything, giving us one more bumping retro piece.

Well, with the 15 tracks here you should definitely find something for yourself to play, listen or dance to. The releases of Lumbago are not laying in stock for too long, so don’t sleep. Juno, Deejay, Decks and other shops are already waiting for you. And, by the way, wait for some even more interesting news from the label later in 2023.

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